Mary Lattimore

528 hz chime


Three White Soldiers
transcription from a shamanic “Sounding” session with Sounder, Charlyn:
She says -

We´re one multiverse
the economy is everywhere
We´re not the only life form
There are so many relationships

So, think galacticly, act locally
Be kind to the body
And hydrate
and don´t hydrate in plastic

How do we stay relational?

How do we stay human
in such a time
where there is so much pressure
to conform into something
that is not human?

They make us more machine-like everyday

In your quest of economics
the earth is the first economy
Connect with people
Keep doing what you´re doing

It is about taking care of being connected
with the divine, with the mother, with your body
Taking care being connected with humans

We get really in a hurry
then we can betray human relationship
we make other things more important

What don´t we see?
We need to see the other
and believe what the other is saying and feel them

All the rest is the loss of empathy and critical thinking becomes an oppositional disorder
What we don´t see is how we´re being used What does it take to be authentic and sovereign?

We stop seing what our truth is
it gets obscured in all the other voices
That´s why the nature, going to the desert
That´s what makes us human
the opportunity to connect to the earth

So, what does make us feel normal truly at ease, at home? What creates home?
We forget so fast. There is so many pressures for the forgetting so more support for the remembering.

Talk to people in transition. Do the human thing Drink enough water Feed yourself Take care of the vehicle. Make sure your life is sustainable. Martyrdom in the new paradigm is out. Stay human.

Think in patterns
track the sky
Use aspects
to see how it unfolds
try that
Start checking out astrology
Go to the sky

And sound healing
There is a 528 hz chime that is pretty wonderful
That might be something
It resonates with the note F in the heart
It is fabulous
We could share that with you
We can make one for your project

You obviously need to hear it
It is already in order

Remember to drink water
Are there any trees where you go?
Hug them

"..keep America moving forward, always forward—for a better America, for an endless enduring dream and a thousand points of light."

- George H.W. Bush, gaffe during his Republican presidential nomination speech, 1988

Thousand Points of Light is an artist residency and space for site works in Joshua Tree CA, dedicated to supporting contemporary sound art practices with an emphasis on an expanded definition of the medium of sound. Founded in 2014 by artist and curator Chiara Giovando, the residency provides time and space to artists working in various métiers.Thousand Points of Light is a reference to the desert night sky, a botched speech given by George Bush Sr. that inadvertently lent to this reactionary and unimaginative American president the aspect of a kind of new age prophet, and becomes a metaphor for the various registers of the electro-magnetic spectrum (EMS). EMS in high frequencies appears to us as visual forms as light; in low frequencies, a thousand points could be interpreted as 1000 Hz., which would register here not as light at all but as sound. Stepped down even further, sound becomes material - flesh, plant matter, or a stone.